Night Draws, 2014
8"x10" inches each; graphite on paper

Hang Man; Epic; Revolution Sweet Tooth, Suspension, and Spoon Key Glyph Sigil in Rope and Steel Lickers  Elf Pop Mob Eye Piercer Table Top Woman: Various Sculpture The Master BIC Sadist; Fascist Snakes Little Nimoy, Tony Stark 3, and the Halsey Curio Mast and Table Arrangements for Bre Green Flocked Vogue Mask Pierced Jade Tripod and Jade Helper California  Evolved Ergonomic Triad Shears Clean Sphinx: Lead Poisoning Cast Iron Rack Array Four Impossible Barriers  Ink Batton: Espresso Well Nightshade Keys Carpet Ride Melt Veneer No Dads Acid Spiral  Nothing but a Poof Topographic Sol Whatever Sew Bolo Puzzle Fence Detail: Late Gate 19USA69 Nowhere Gaze, Omni Optic Mural Double Dopey Sochi so Xi Oro Borrough Lifted Butterfly Cheshire Stimpy Don Not Forget the Joker Certified Organic